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We are an owner-operated, mold-removal focused company, that is designed to efficiently and affordably service your mold problem. How? We are NOT a franchised based water/ fire restoration company that focuses on expensive demolition and insurance-based jobs. We open less than 15% of our customers’ walls or flooring. MassMold’s client base is home owners who simply need to remove mold from their homes at a reasonable price.

Not all mold is dangerous! Don’t let other mold testing companies scare you. More scenarios require mold remediation services than simply water-damage events. Other situations that demand swift action by removal and remediation experts include:

  • Attic & Basement Mold Removal 
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Mold Removal
  • leaks in plumbing pipes or appliances (dishwasher, toilet, or garbage disposal) that are not noticed or visible
  • Rooms, basements, or unseen, dark areas (crawl spaces or attics) where humidity is too high and damp air is trapped for an extended period
  • Flooding events where remediation does not begin within 48–72 hours
  • Cracks in exterior walls that allow water to seep into the building frame
  • Leaks through roofs and exterior siding

Residential Mold Removal and Remediation Services Certified 5 Year Warranty

One-Stop for Mold Testing, Inspection, Removal & Remediation. Fastest mold removal specialists in Mass.

Mold abatement, remediation, or removal is the process by which a room or items are cleaned and sanitized to kill existing mold, stop its spread, and prevent its return.

But it’s important to recognize that damage doesn’t always incur as the result of a major flooding event. Mold is commonly caused by a slow-leak plumbing failure or too-humid interior.

We guarantee that after the completion of the mold remediation process, mold(s) will be removed in a treated area of the property. In addition, we guarantee that no additional mold will reappear in the treated areas for up to 5 years from the date of remediation, provided there is proper ventilation and no additional water intrusion and/ or water damage and proof of both emergency and routine maintenance provided. Proper maintenance and general good housekeeping is required by the building owner for a valid warranty.

Aside from the aforementioned, should there be a problem for any reason whatsoever, we will send down a technician to deal with the issue accordingly at no additional cost.


MassMold is dedicated to helping you ensure that the property you or your clients want to buy or sell, is free from harmful mold that may pose a health risk if left unresolved.

Once we’ve determined the extent of the issue, we create a detailed plan of action to remove mold, clean your air, and restore your property. This full-service process is performed by highly trained technicians using state-of-the-art equipment, so you can be confident your home’s indoor air quality after our services.

We are passionate about not only identifying problems, but also recommending a course of action to resolve them quickly, so that you can rest assured that the house you are considering buying or selling meets all health and safety standards and is fit for habitation.

Why Do I have Mold in My Attic?

Improper Bath Fan to Soffit and Attic Venting

Soffit vents usually allow fresh air to flow into the attic, but they do not provide an exhaust mechanism. The best way to vent a bath fan out of the attic is through a vent in the roof itself. Also, a bath fan that vents directly into the attic is a guaranteed attic mold problem and oftentimes homeowners require professional attic mold removal services as a result.

Blocked Soffit Vents: Proper attic ventilation welcomes fresh air in and pushes moist air out. Generally speaking, attic ventilation relies on the fact that heat rises.

Humidifier Set Too High: Is your HVAC system over-humidifying your indoor air? It is best if you can maintain the relative humidity level within your home to between 40% and 60%.

Attic Ventilation Design and Needs

Poor attic ventilation and insulation deficiencies 

may have caused condensation within your attic space. The suspected source of mold in your attic is likely a result of a mixture of mold spores and excessive condensation within the attic space that have settled on organic wood material. The general rule, on the amount of total attic vent space needed, is to have at least one square foot of vent space for every 150 square feet of attic area. Ideally, half the vents should be located in the soffit at the bottom of the roof and half in gable or ridge vents near the top to allow for natural circulation of air through the attic.

Attic ventilation temperature differential

Keeping the air temperature in the attic relatively similar to the surface temperature of the wood is crucial. If there is a differential between the two, you end up reaching dew point causing excessive condensation resulting in mold growth.

How We Treat Mold in Your Crawl Space

MassMold takes a comprehensive approach to crawl space mold removal. Our thorough inspection allows us to create a plan that is tailored to your home, ensuring effective results. We’ll start by isolating the mold so that it doesn’t spread during the treatment process. Then, we’ll get started on the mold abatement process, which involves a combination of chemical applications and other procedures, to completely eliminate crawl space mold.

You can rest assured that MassMold will do a thorough job with your crawl space mold removal.

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