Traveling through the Thumb of Michigan...

As I drove through Sebewaing, Bay Port on up to Caseville I fell in love with the water. The thumb of Michigan is a fantastic road trip. 25 takes you all the way around the thumb and back to Saint Edward. We stayed in Caseville and used several of the boat launches to access Saginaw Bay. I would recommend Bay Shore Marina. Their facilities are the best around.

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If you want to use a public launch use Bay Port's public access. While you are there visit the Bay Port Fish Company. They sell smoked fish and the fishery was a surprise. They have tanks full of catfish. Most of the public access sites in this area are very shallow. This is why I recommend Bay Port. Speaking of shallow, be careful along the shoreline around Wild Foul Bay. The water at some points is only a foot deep. I had to crank up the trolling motor a couple of times to pull us out of the shallows.

Fishing Wild Foul Bay was spectacular. The first day we fished we caught three Walleye and two Catfish. We fished the northern tip of Wild Foul Bay and didn't have much luck. Caught a good sunburn though. The next day we went down to Bay Port and put in. We caught our limit within three hours. In all we caught fifteen Walleye, three Catfish and two Sheepshead that day. We had a great time catching fish. I couldn't keep all my lines in the water at the same time.

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