Why It Is Important To Have Access to a Washer and Dryer

Everyone has to do their laundry at least once a week or every two weeks. Whether you have a specific night each week that you do your laundry or you take care of it when you get sick of looking at your dirty clothes, you need a convenient place where you can do your laundry.

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Do Your Laundry At Your Apartment Complex

Having laundry appliances available makes it easy for landlords to allow their tenants to do their laundry without having to leave the complex. This is advantageous because it adds another revenue stream for whoever owns the complex. In some cases, landlords can make $200 or more a month per building. If you own several buildings within a complex, that can add up to thousands of extra dollars in revenue.

Certain Lines Of Work Require That You Clean Your Clothes Often

Firefighters can get dirty and grimy after a single shift if they have to enter a burning building. Military workers can easily get their uniforms dirty and soaked with sweat if they have to work in a warzone or carry 80 pounds of luggage during a hot summer day. When you have employees who get their uniforms dirty in a single shift, it is important to have washers and dryers in an army dorm or firehouse.

Food Service Workers Get Their Clothes Dirty All The Time

If you work in a deli or at a restaurant, you are going to see stains on your clothes all the time. However, you are not allowed to walk into a dining room with a dirty apron or a shirt that has a stain on it. Therefore, having the ability to wash your work shirt or apron at the end of your shift can be a great thing.

Doing laundry is not optional. You have to clean your clothes on a regular basis if you want to be clean when you go out in public. Clothes that are allowed to get dirty will start to smell and grow bacteria on them. That is why it is important to have access to a washer and dryer on a regular basis.

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