Most of my adventures have been more appealing to introverts...

So even though most of my adventures have been more appealing to introverts or English nerds, doesn't mean that exciting things don't happen at the capitol. I do have a lunch break, and I can walk around periodically.

This past week, for instance, I was on my way back from lunch and I couldn't help but notice there was a crowd outside. And curious little me walked over to see which group it was (different groups will host various days to display what they offer, and provide education and awareness). Lo and behold, it was Rattlesnake Roundup! Yes, that's right. A handful of rattlers we're outside and not very happy (who would be if you we're coldblooded and naked in 40-degree weather?).

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Many spectators kept their distance. I started to leave when I first saw the snakes. And then I decided to stay. I'd never seen a snake up close and personal. What I found after petting one, and then seeing the others,was a connection to a dangerous creature I was taught to fear. Instead, I felt pity. Sympathy. Sadness for them. I didn't feel the need to help them directly, or become an advocate. Though I don't think it's right to showcase them. It's good to allow human interaction for education, but those encounters generally respect the animal more than what I saw.

The snakes returned the next day. And the next.

The second day of their return, the creatures looked too tired to shake their rattles.Their final day seemed to be cut short; I saw the group packing up.

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