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I took a look over the Poken website and saw that the wee devices sold for around 11.99 in the UK. The entrepreneurial alarm in my brain started sounding! We live in Jersey in the Channel Islands which benefits from something called Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR). This basically means you can ship a good under the value of 22 EURO (18) to anywhere in the EU and not have to charge the customer any VAT. Pokens are the ideal product to take advantage of this; small, light, non-perishable, a narrow product range and easy to search for on the web. I could undercut EU distributors and make my first million by Christmas!

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I started to do some more detailed research. It was clear that the Poken had to reach a critical mass if it were to really take off. There was no point owning a Poken if you never came across another person who you could share details with. The product had been launched in early 2009 and there was a lot of press activity surrounding it at that time. The idea seemed to catch people's imagination, in the same way it had mine; "An end to the boring Business Card", "Integrating Social Media into the real world". However, nine months after the launch the articles seemed to have dried up. If it was to be a true success then growth should have been exponential, and while I was still excited about the product, the evidence in my Google search results wasn't supporting my enthusiasm.

In (Google) trend?

I'd heard something about Google Trends a while back but had never had cause to use it. Now was the time. Google Trends is yet another simple but effective offering from the corporation that will soon run the world. It's not rich on features or particularly sophisticated but for getting an idea on the growth or demise in popularity of a product, website or celebrity then there is nothing quite like it. I entered the term "poken" into the Google Trends search bar and bang there it was, a graph showing the trend of people searching within Google for the term "poken".

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