Growing my own food

However, since that didn't come into fruition, and the children we're quite content with doing nothing.. I logged online for the Monsanto protest and began working on my new garden.Yes, I am building a garden.. making a garden?? Whatever, I am attempting to grow my own food!!! This should be interesting.. Needless to say, with certain factors, there's only so much I can do and since I'm not a fan of the brightness of the West Texas Sun, I work with what I got.

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Remember people, as we have to make our fitness programs work for us, we must also make time work for us.. Don't hoard all your time to enjoy life for when you are old and retired.. take time out NOW and enjoy your life.. otherwise, what is it you are working for??

As for today, the kiddos had a late night with a sleepover party so today has been full of sleepy babies, chores, a training webinar, some reading and meditating and getting ready for the week ahead, along with a movie and some lessons I have the plans but you know that feeling when you start watching a movie? So, there is but one way to start a morning.. a workout and some gardening! I'll at least practice and get my non-green thumb started on it's road to green-ism. 3;j

Well there you have it, tell me what are your plans for this week? I know tomorrow is Memorial Day so even though they are fighting wars for propaganda and corporate greed AND will ultimately be put against us during martial law.. it's important to give respect to the men, woman and canines out there giving their lives for what they think is a worthy cause. Yes, it started out with some noble sense, but I think we can all agree working for big government is exactly the smartest idea.. nor, has it worked out for we the people .. But regardless of all that.. do show some respect. It's only in recent times that it's gotten beyond bad, it is what it is. Like the pitbulls, the service wo/men are at the mercy of the master's hands. That being said, on a daily basis, show respect to our animal friends for they are the true victims in this thing called 'life.' Stop the killing and breeding farms and go out and adopt or foster a pet. There are veteran animals in need of a good home, let's all do our part!

I've also included a link to help a few animals from some recent natural disasters.. remember, there are animals everywhere in need of a good heart and a good home. Please help spread the word!


So while you're throwing another burger on your grill tomorrow (today), don't forget the bigger picture and be sure to teach it to your children.. they are the ones who will carry on the good fight after we're gone. As for us, I am thinking I might actually cook out on the grill..

So thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.. Sorry for posting this so late but at I let the kids and family interrupt today.. it's one of the things we can do to enjoy our days, to the fullest. Not to wait until the ends of our lives to live, but to live each day.. To be simply happy in what you do. And if you have purpose in your happiness, then while you live you can be alive. Hopefully you are understanding what it is that I am trying to convey.. if not you know how to reach me. 3;j

Be sure to leave a comment or question so that I know you we're here.. Have a fantastic and profitable week!

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